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A joint study of technical standards for recycling and handling of SF6 gas was conducted from 1996 to 1998 by representatives of academia, utilities,

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Hepatorenal syndrome: the 8th international consensus

201229-Renal dysfunction is a common complication in patients with end-stage cirrhosis. Since the original publication of the definition and diagno

Sf6 gas recycling device

The invention provides a SF6 gas recycling device, which comprises a vacuumvolume and complete functions including filtration and drying of the gas.

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Comparison of Creatinine and Cystatin C Based Glomerular Filtration Rate Cholongitas, E.Goulis, I.Ioannidou, M.Soulaidopoulos, S

Strätlingite: compatibility with sulfate and carbonate

20151030-The silicate AFm, strätlingite, has been shown to be stable in high aluminosilicate cement systems but its stability with respect to the an


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Management of hepatorenal syndrome

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